Friday, June 26, 2009

Sea Stars

Had a chat last weekend with a friend who loves to snorkel with manta rays and scuba dive among sharks. No thank you to that last one!

Seriously, though, I told him that I'm always looking for the next sea creature to 'star' in my books. So far my heroines have loved dolphins, sea lions, elephant seals and otters. I'm leaning toward seahorses next because they're just so cool--and they don't swallow you whole when you've been naughty! (Another Jonah ref for those scratching their heads...) But I'm open to suggestions so bring 'em on...

It's FRIDAY! And the sun's peeking through the clouds! Can I get an Amen? I've got some odds and ends to handle before the release of Sweet Waters but other than that, I'm hoping to get out there and enjoy the weekend. Here's hoping you have a beachy one too, my friends--wherever you are!

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