Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer has arrived...and other randomness

So hubby and I were out for a walk at the beach and we ran across this VW Thing. Wasn't I just pining away for one last week...? After hubby took this pic, the owner showed up with a surfboard to strap onto the top. Lol...yeah, summer's here.

I've neglected this blog. School's finally out, my next book has been turned in, I'm working on the release of Sweet Waters, and my house is a mess. I've always suspected that I tended toward the ADD side of life, so the chaos isn't helping! Sometimes I think it would be better if I rented an office somewhere (preferably with an ocean view, natch) and kept the work and home life separate. As a mom, though, that's probably never really possible, am I right?

Ah well, it hasn't been all fun and games at my house/office. I also tried out Pilates this weekend. My workout routine has fumbled lately, and although I do get out for the occasional jog at the beach, there's been some disconcerting shifting ... if you get my drift. So I joined Teen Daughter and my friend Angel for a class on Saturday morning. Let's just say, I was more out of shape than I thought...!


lynnrush said...

I love that car. Wow!!

Yes, life gets busy, doesn't it?

Hang in there and enjoy.

Sharon Leaf said...

My husband can't believe he sold his Thing 20 years ago! He'd love to have it back. I visited my daughter in So-Cal & joined her for her yoga class...hmmm...didn't think stretching could be such a challenge. Now I'm back home (in South Carolina) and I'm going to join a yoga class...gotta keep this 63-year-old bod in shape! Luv your website, books & humor.

Sue said...

Good for you for at least going to the class ;-) I was on a roll for a few weeks and then got sidetracked and have yet to get back on the treadmill. Sigh! Being over 40 sucks! ;-)