Friday, July 03, 2009

Marketing, schmarketing...& the 4th!

So it's nearly the 4th and y'all don't want to hear about my marketing efforts, unless you do, and in that case, you writer folk can find my latest post over at the CANblog. CAN is an amazing group of writers who savor, consider and judge various book marketing ideas like fine wine. If you're a writer, or want to be, consider subscribing--we'd love to see you!

Full week over in the Carobini household. This week we cooked 100 enchiladas and served them up to the HS youth group, packed (actually still doing this) for summer camp, paid a bunch of money to a plumber, and had the house termited (after the enchilada making, of course).

I'm pooped, but looking forward to a seaside July 4th--June gloom has finally vanished. Wa-hoo! After a day long festival, we'll wander down to the beach and watch (illegal) fireworks lit atop the sand. What's not to love?

Have a fun, safe, blessed 4th--and thank a Veteran or current military person for helping to keep us free! Love you all!

For the Locals: 4th of July Events along the Central Coast


Sue said...

Enjoy your 4th of July festivities! Hope you enjoy the beach ;-)

Stephanie Reed said...

Fellow CAN member, Julie. What a knock-out of a blog, and I loved your post there today about being ready for a book's debut. Especially LOVE that you highlight author-friendly bookstores on your blog.

Your books look inviting, too, and I'm only a sometimes beachy reader.

Happy 4th!