Thursday, July 09, 2009

So you think you can write

My daughters are obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance, and since they've commandeered the TV on those nights, I'm pretty much stuck. You don't have to watch long to realize that getting on Mary Murphy's "Hot Tamale Train" is the prize to win (although DH keeps calling it the 'Hot Enchilada Train' Lol...)

Anyway, if you're a contestant and Mary stands up, points at you and says, "You are on the Hot Tamale Train!!!" then screams for a really, really long time, you can pretty much bet you'll be back the next week.

Writers are tender souls so I'm thinkin' we need a Mary Murphy of our own, someone to create a little buzz for us. But then again, why re-invent the wheel, so to speak?

I hereby elect Mary to be my official book reviewer. Hey Mary, what do you think of my summer release, Sweet Waters?


Ronel Sidney said...

LOL!! Awesome... me and my son watch this show and LOVE it!! Can't wait to read your new release.

Jennifer AlLee said...

Fab! I'm a SYTYCD fan, too. So much talent on that show! And so much talent in you, my dear author friend :+}

Sue said...

That is too funny. I think I need a cheerleader too - someone to pump up my tender ego so I actually get down to writing that novel! ;-)

Still anxiously awaiting for the first two of your books that I ordered to arrive in my mailbox - hopefully this week!