Monday, July 27, 2009

Launch Party 2009

Happy Monday, Friends!
Despite the fabulous beach day, readers showed up on Saturday at the Bank of Books to pick up a copy of Sweet Waters and nosh on appetizers made by my son, Matt, and friends.

Here are a few pics from the shin-dig. I always have trouble posting pics on blogger--ack. The pics and captions may be a bit jumbled, but what's a mess between friends anyway?

My parents, Dan & Elaine, entering Bank of Books.

Robin and Diane. Diane manages a church bookstore and reads books--including mine--during her daily train commute!

Chef Matt and friends...and a tray of yum-o appetizers. Signing books!


lynnrush said...

Hey, looks like a great time!! Whoo-Hoo!!

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I wish you continued success! Hugs, and God bless you, Julie!