Saturday, July 11, 2009

campers, dirty clothes, and looking forward

The kids are back from camp and I'm neck-deep in dirty laundry...that's a picture, isn't it? Lol... Anyway, we'll be leaving for Denver soon so that I can attend the International Christian Retailers Show and in the meantime, I've got lots o' clothes to clean up and get re-packed in those dusty suitcases.

I'll try to stop in during the week and post a pic or two from the show~can't promise when, but I'll try. Before I go, I wanted to let you know that Sweet Waters has been showing up around the Internet...just found it yesterday on Amazon and woo-hoo, there's a 5-star review up already. Thank you, kind reviewer "Kimfurd", for taking the time to read and report! We don't know each other, but you're officially one of my besties now, hee.

Oh, oh, and one more thing, this one for my local pals--singer/songwriter Jennifer Greenberg will be in town next weekend (alas, I'll still be away). Jenn's an amazing worship leader and she's giving free concerts in Ventura. I wrote an article to let Ventura area locals know about these events and you can find that by clicking on this link.

That's probably it before we reach Denver. I pray you all have a great and godly week, and if I could be so bold, would you pray for me too when you think of it? Have a beachy weekend, my friends--wherever you are :)


Sue said...

Have a great time Julie! Congrats on the good review on Amazon too! :-D

Dan Navarro said...

Prayers are already said and on their way.

God bless.