Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ICRS 2009

Found this event poster at the B&H Publishing Booth at the Denver Convention Center. I was set for 9 a.m....early, early!

I got there with minutes to spare and a line had formed ... woot! Signed about 150 copies then took a pill for my carpel tunnel--haha, kidding. Loved meeting so many enthusiastic people.

Patti Hill and I sporting our cool new beach bags--embroidered with our names and book titles--compliments of B&H! Currently, mine is stocked FULL of books I picked up at the convention center.

All in all, a productive and exciting show. Had a fabulous dinner at Marlowe's with some of the B&H Team and other old pals: Karen Ball, Julie Gwinn, Aaron Linne, Patti Hill, John Olson, Tracy Higley & hubby, and Tricia Goyer! Much more to report, but it's past my bedtime. My fam's with me and we're checking out the Rocky Mountains tomorrow, so I'll check in after that. In the meantime, have a beachy day my friends--wherever you are ;)


Lori said...

I was so bummed I could not be there. Looks like a great time!

Pacific Northwest Beachgirl said...

Looks like fun! congrats on the 150 book signings!

Anonymous said...

You are definately on your way to fame and the Oprah Show!