Friday, July 17, 2009

After the show

My fam came with me to Colorado and we're still here, seeing the sights and visiting some old friends who left CA a few years back. The other night our friends-youth pastors-invited Teen Son to jam with them and he ended up leading worship at their youth group. The girls went along, so Dan and I snuck off to a nearby lake. Talk about your 'ahhh' moments. If we hadn't gotten directions, we never would have found this lake tucked away from the busy streets. Dan snapped this shot as the sun settled into the west.

But priorities,'s a pic of one of the kids' highlights. Our friends' kids joined ours in the hotel spa and somehow they discovered a way to turn the jets into geysers. Yeah, that's us, making a 'splash' wherever we go...LOL

A shout out to Teen Girl who turns 15 TODAY! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!! Love you LOTS :)


And have a beachy day my friends--wherever you are!

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Sue said...

LOL... geysers!! Too funny. I love how when I sit in a hottub at the hotel the top of my bathing suit turns me into Dolly Parton as it fills with air bubbles ;-)

Beautiful pic of the lake and so glad you're enjoying time with your family for a little R&R.

My copies of your books came in the mail this week - woohoo... Can't wait to take them to the beach with me on vacation :-D