Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pismo view

So I mentioned last week that we took a quick trip up to Pismo Beach. Did I mention how much I wish I were there now? Not that I don't live near a beautiful beach myself--I do--but my work's here too (and my house needs a good scrubbing), so I'm kind of in the mood to 'get away from it all'. Know what I mean?

Ah, well. Duty (i.e. editing) calls. That and the kiddos are finishing up their last weeks of school, so now is not the time to jump ship. (I wrote a brief article about looking for deals on the coast. If interested, you can read that by clicking on this link.)

Before I head off to the backyard with 300plus pages, a red pen and a huge cup of coffee, I just had to ask--anyone watching The Bachelorette? I know, I know--gah--I had promised myself not to peek at it this season, especially after the Jason/Melissa/Molly debacle. But somehow I got (a little) pulled in and, um, watched it. We all have our vices, I suppose. Not saying I'll watch the whole thing, but if you did, what did you think? Will Jillian find her man this time?


Sarah said...

I'm actually watching for the first time in a long time! I don't remember the guy's name but I really liked the one she went on a date with - you know, when she was wearing them red boots.
Um, yeah, clearly I was paying a lot of attention;)

Sue said...

I'm all for Jillian, my fellow Canadian, finding her true love but I somehow get the feeling that it may not be happening this season which is too bad. I think she's a great catch and Jason blew it when he didn't have enough faith in the friendship card. She lives like an hour or 2 from him - it could have worked!

I do have a few guys I'm watching for her - namely, Jake, Kypton, Reid and Ed. Most of the guys are either too immature or too egotistical. Juan, although good looking (reminds me of Rupert Everett) seems to be trying TOO hard and the country singer, Wes... TOTALLY there to boost his career. Eeww! Sorry you asked now? lol

Hope you get your editing done. When you need a break, just go back to Pismo in your mind and take a quick vacation that way!

Cami Checketts said...

I love Pismo Beach. Isn't it sad how you have to get away from home to relax. My honey keeps lobbying for a "vacation at home." I nix him every time. He'd vacation and I'd still be scrubbing toilets!

Sharon Leaf said...

Sorry,don't watch it, but I can't wait for "Army Wives" to start up next week, a Sunday night summer drama I've watched since moving to the east coast. A.W. is filmed in South Carolina, so I'm relating to those Army gals. ~ Love Pismo!

Julie Carobini said...

Sarah, that was Jake, and that date turned out better than I thought it would. I'm worried he may be a bit infatuated, but time will tell, eh?

Sue, I'm w/you. Ed has honest eyes, don't you think? (whatever that means...:)

And Cami--you are so right!

As for you Sue, stick around and we'll keep you updated, Lol