Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kris Allen - American Idol

Could not resist am American Idol post this morning. I've been unable to keep up with the weekly posts on my fave talent contest, but last night's finale was just too fun not to mention. Dan, the girls and I laughed through much of it (Teen Son was at youth group). Kara in a bikini? Nick Gentile writhing on the stage floor? Tatiana fighting for air time?

Not to mention all the stars who performed. Steve Martin on banjo...what? Queen Latifah...Keith Urban...Kiss? LOL Kept thinking that somewhere out there, some kid was pointing to the TV and saying, "How come grandpa's dressed up on stage with his tongue hanging out?"

Ah, Idol, you done good.

And then...THEN...the results were announced! Kris won? Well, woo-hoo!!! I fully expected Adam to win, even though much of what he sang was not my cup of espresso. The man's amazingly talented and unique--and now his autograph on our WICKED Playbill is probably worth less (shoot).

But KRIS! Surprised, but happy to see him win. There's some whining going on in the blogosphere about how America got it wrong, blah, blah, blah, but I don't agree. As a Danny Gokey fan -- love his gritty voice -- I transferred my votes to the soothing voiced Kris because of the two men -- Adam or Kris -- I would actually buy Kris' albums. When Kris' voice comes on my radio, I will turn it UP.

And that's what it came down to for me. Kris has the kind of voice that draws me in and keeps me listening. His ability as a musician to change up songs, also drew me, and I suspect listeners will hear a lot more of that from him in the future.

So that's my take on the winners. How about YOU? You sad, happy, surprised, angry or ???

We had two great singers to choose from this time around--can't wait to see what happens next year.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I totally called it. My sweet hubby asked me, "Who do you think will win?"


"Really? Why?"

"It's a crazy time out there, I think they want a sense of normalcy, Adam's got a great voice, but he's a bit over the top."

"What?" my sweet hubby asks.

I just shrugged and smiled.

He laughed...

But was I right? or was I right? LOL.

It was a great season. Im' so happy Kris won. Adam has a sweet, rockin' voice, and I have nothing against him....but I'm with you, Julie....I'd turn Kris UP if on the radio. :-)

Carole said...

I am so glad that Kris won, yet was totally shocked. Adam is incredibly talented and will have a great career, but for me, it came down to the total package. Kris will appeal to a much wider audience and like you, I would buy his album.

Sue said...

I too LOVED Danny's raspy voice and would listen to him sing the phone book. I was THRILLED that Kris won, having never been an Adam fan... something about him creeped me out - something "dark" in his eyes... but Kris... that kid is talented! I, like you Julie, love how he switches up a song to make it his own without being too "over the top" like Adam. I think Adam should stick with what he's good at... theater! I don't think he will transfer to radio easily because he is a showman at heart.

Just my 2 cents! ;-)

Sarah said...

I see Adam having a gig in Vegas or on Broadway or even doing records and making lots of $$$. Whether or not you like him (and I didn't at first), he has something about him.
As for Kris? Well, I was SO not expecting it. It was more than I'd hoped for! I was very pleased:)
Simon remaining seated when Kris was announced as the winner kind of rubbed me the wrong way but, you know, Kris no longer needs his approval. So who cares?

Amy said...

I was thrilled! Love him!

coffee fan said...

I suspect that the "100 million" vote count represents the Adam Lambert fans versus everybody else; people out there must have auto-dial machines