Friday, May 15, 2009


The winner of Sally Stuart's Christian Writer's Market Guide is....

Woot-woot...I love giving stuff away!

Heading north this weekend for my uncle's 90th birthday! Lots to celebrate, and as a bonus, we'll get to drive along California's breathtaking coast. Looking forward to the break even if it means I'll have to work faster next week to catch up-ack.

I'll take some pics. In the meantime, have a beachy weekend, my friends--wherever you are!


Sue said...

Have a glorious drive up PCH! And have a great weekend too - can't wait to see the pics :-)

B.K. Jackson said...

Thank you so much Sally's Guide. And 90th birthday! How cool is that. Hope your uncle has an awesome birthday and you a great trip.

Dan Navarro said...
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Dan Navarro said...

Hi Jules... Idol's okay, I guess, but who's your choice on tomorrow night's Dancing With the Stars final?

Melissa, Shawn, or Gilles?

Do you have a horse in that race?


Sharon Leaf said...

Although we lived in a southern California beach town, my husband and I love the central coast! I love visiting my friend who lives in Morro Bay, and we have a little place in Avila Beach where we we're living on a lake in Fort Mill, SC and love it too. We traded the beach for a lake--I'll tell you i a year which i like better ~ Your new fan, Sharon