Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Market Guide Giveaway!

For 24 years running, the Christian Writers’ Market Guide (includes CD!) has remained the most comprehensive, complete, essential, and highly-recommended resource for Christian writers, agents, editors, publishers, publicists, and those teaching writing classes.

And I'm giving away a new copy FREE to a randomly drawn entrant in the USA (sorry to my friends outside of the states--high postage and all).

Just answer this question (or these questions), and you'll be in the drawing on Friday morning (remember to leave me an email or website address so I can reach you!). Here goes:

Why do you read fiction? And if you don't, why not?


Helga Marie said...

I live for fiction, it is my escape from the real world, reading a novel is like watching a movie in my head.

please count me in
QallieQ (At) gmail (dot) com

Delia Latham said...

I've been reading fiction since I learned that letters make words. Love it - like most people, it's an escape,and a way to relax.

I also read fiction to learn the writing craft. Writer's write, but writer's read too. A lot. :)

dlathambooks (at) gmail (dot) come

Becca said...

I come from a family of readers and I read fiction voraciously. I usually have 2-3 books going. It's my favorite escape and way to relax (even if it's a suspense). I really get into it: the story runs like a movie in my head and I'm oblivious to family and natural disasters going on around me. ;)

Since I started writing, reading has changed a bit as I'm learning the craft. It's like I read on tow different levels - one for enjoyment and another analyzing the story components. This doesn't detract from my pleasure in reading but it has made me more picky.

Please enter me in the drawing and thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

becca[dot]dowling [at] yahoo[dot]com

Cathy Bryant said...

Thanks for the giveaway, Julie!

I read for sooo many different reasons, primarily for pleasure. Other than my family, nothing can touch my heart the way a good book can.

Since I've entered this wacky (and wonderful) world of writing, I see books with new eyes. So now I also read to learn the craft.

I also read books to review for my blog, WordVessel, which has helped me realize all that goes into the writing of a good book.

Thanks again for the opportunity to win the market guide!


lilac grandma said...

I love to read fiction to relax and escape and also love the little details about how other people live.
Thanks for the contest. Melody
msproule1225 at gmaildotcom

Mrs. Sidney said...

I read fiction because it takes me to another place and time... it's liking going on vacation without paying the price of a round trip ticket, hotel rooms and food.

Great giveaway!!

Linda said...

I read fiction because, believe it or not, I hear God speak to me in different areas of my life. I learn things I haven't learned earlier in life for whatever reason. Mostly, I read fiction because I love the action and suspense of what is going to happen next. And if it's historical, I get to learn history the fun way. I highly recommend it to everyone. Beats secular novels by miles!
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Tracy said...

I love to read. I love to read fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction is for growing, bettering myself and for educating myself. Fiction is both an escape and pure joy! I come from a screwed up family and I don't think I'd have made it through without books. It seems natural then, that I also came to love writing and doing reviews.

seedthoughts (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jo said...

My father was a huge reader and I follow suit. I have been reading fiction ever since I learned how to read. I love it. It's an escape as well as a way to relax. I actually can't go to sleep at night until I have read for a while.


Katie V said...

I read fiction, in part, to escape to an interesting setting or situation, and also to cathartically empathize with characters, experiencing human conflict, emotion & resolution. I enjoy books that are not only a great read but provoke thought and teach me something.

~Ley said...

Escapism all the way. You can only take the real world for so long before you just need a break. What better way than a good book?


sherrinda said...

Oooo...I am from a family of readers and writers and it is just part of the gene pool, I suppose. I love to escape in new worlds with fabulously strong characters who overcome and triumph through life. It is absolutely my favorite thing to do.

Julie Carobini said...

Loving all the comments! I've loved reading too, ever since I was kidlet. Nice to be in the presence of so many compadres :)

Deborah said...

My dad is an advid reader. His were always western..you know..Louie La'M....so he always encouraged reading. But I would rather go to a movie...but we lived in the boonies, so my mom would always buy me the books of the latest movies. I have to admit, I seen alot of the movies that I once read...the books were better.

Then in school, my friends and I would all start a Harlequen romance and at the end of the day swap.

B.K. Jackson said...

Mostly because I want to escape my world and go into story world to a different place and time and be wowed by what's happening there.

Some of the time because I want a story that will make me think hard and analyze myself and my actions and viewpoints.


kimetha said...

I love fiction because he relaxes me. It is like I become the character and I'm in the situations. It is something that TV does not give me.

kimetha said...

I'm sorry my email address is latricejones2001@yahoo.com