Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When my next book is finished I will...

* Clean out my (disgusting) fridge
* Go to the beach
* Shovel the papers out of my office
* Go to the beach
* Empty out my makeup drawer and start again
* Go to the beach
* Detail my car
* Go to the beach
* Take a super long nap...on the beach

Just sayin'....


Dan Navarro said...

Comments please, on Kris Allen's AI win and Shawn Johnson's DWTS victory.

The young, it seems, really WILL inherit the earth. (Or is that the meek? I forget.)


Julie Carobini said...

Okay, well, KRIS ROCKS (although props to Adam too). I was surprised about Shawn though, 'cuz I really thought Gilles would get it (guess the ladies weren't voting that night, ha ha ha) Personally, though, my fave was Melissa.