Monday, June 13, 2011

Special Online Event ~ Tonight!

Had a fairly foggy weekend here on the coast, but today it's beautiful and sunny. Sad because the kids are still in school and can't enjoy it. I'll have to get out there for them. Lol

If you're in a book club, or want to start one, I wanted you to know about a special online event tonight. At TBCN (The Book Club Network), 24 authors will be giving away great books for discussion, gift cards, a beach sign, and the grand prize: a Kindle! Stop by at 9 pm eastern time (that's 6 pm my time in CA). During this event, you will NOT need to sign in, so don't worry if you try the link earlier and can't get in.

I'll be sipping something and answering questions from my laptop. Hope to "see" some familiar faces there!

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