Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sweet Stuff

Last night's book signing in 'Katie Cushman Country', as Jim Bell put it, was a blast. Kate Schwab over at Border's in Goleta made this ordered this completely edible, totally delicious cover cake for us--can you believe it?

Petrifying as it was to stand up in front of more than 100 Katie Cushman fans :), I felt honored to be included.

Today it was back up to Santa Barbara with Katie and Jim to teach at a writer's conference. More on that, and the signing, later this week (after a looong nap....!)


Vader's Mom said...

Sounds like fun and I love that cake!! I see it at least had CHOCOLATE icing!!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Katie posted a close-up of the cake on her site. Really phenomenal! I forgot the book signing went back-to-back with the writers' conference. Wow! I'll say a long nap sounds good just thinking of going non-stop with people for that long.


Kathryn Cushman said...

Katie Cushman fans-- more like Katie Cushman's 25 relatives!!! Happy Monday, Julie. Have you recovered from the weekend yet? I'm actually glad to be doing housework today-- and you won't hear me say that very often.