Monday, January 29, 2007

On making spectacles

So hubby and I decide to pop into our local chain bookstore to see Chocolate Beach on an actual book shelf. Just a quick trip on a rainy Saturday afternoon, with no plans for any brouhaha. We could’ve taken a peek and left quietly, but no. Dan grabs the camera (okay, I admit that I brought one), and has me stand by the display. Instead of discreetly snapping a shot from between the bookracks, he backs way up and stands in one of the busiest walkways. Then focuses for a long, long time. (Notice my strained smile...)

So he’s standing there, focusing away when he’s approached by a staffer.

“No photographs are allowed in the store, Sir.”

“Why not?”

“Copyright violation, Sir.”

“But she wrote the book.”

“Oh. Well. Then it’s okay.”

Meanwhile my smile felt more pasted on than a preschooler’s Christmas project.

I speak up. “Um, I have a shelf talker.” That’s a fancy word for one of those narrow cardstock signs that say “Local Author”. They fit on the shelf just beneath the books and, hopefully, draw the attention of buyers.

The staffer looks at me. “Would you like to do some signing?”

“Um, sure.”

After looking up my book and grabbing some “autographed copy” stickers the staffer realizes that there are only three books on the shelf.

“Hm," she says. "There should be four copies."

I point toward the bestseller table. “There’s one over there,” I say.

She doesn’t ask.

While I block the aisle and sign away, my husband sees an acquaintance from church. “Hey,” he says, “my wife wrote a book. Your wife would love this book!”

My cheeks heat up, and I sense my olive complexion turning the color of Mexican pavers. Next thing you know, the man has found his wife, she's holding my book in her hands, and promising to buy it.

At least we didn't follow them to the counter...


Vintage Wine said...

Haha ;-) It sounds like an interesting Sunday ;-)
I hope you'll have a nice week Julie!

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't do like Rory wanted to do with Jess' book & put it in the "managers picks" spot. Oh that just gave me an idea.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! Heehee--my husband (also named Dan--maybe this behavior comes with the name!) always sticks my book on the bestseller's list and tells everyone within earshot that if they're looking for a good read, they should check out my books. You could roast marshmallows off the heat of my cheeks!

Anyway, isn't it just the best to see that book on the shelf? Congratulations and I can't wait to read it!

Kelli Standish said...

Hey Cool!
I think we should all do the exact same thing with your book in our local bookstores.

I'll send you the photo of my scene-making event:)


Chaos-Jamie said...

LOL! Spectacles sell, I imagine.

Elizabeth said...

Here from Holy Mama. I knew when I saw that the title of Chocolate Beach referenced two of my favorite things in this world, I would be buying your book. So I did just that last week at Borders. Looking forward to reading it!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks Gals--Maybe it wasn't so bad after all. LOL. Yeah, it was.

*** And whoo-hoo, CB made it to PA! Thanks, Elizabeth. My hubby's family is from North of Pitt.

Georgiana Daniels said...

That's a HOOT! Your hubby sounds like a great guy--and hey, he had to focus! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

ok, maybe it's the jealousy, but every word of this sounds WONDERFUL, julie!!

and how gorgeous are you? please!

Damselfly said...

How funny! My trip to the bookstore to photograph me and my book wasn't nearly as eventful! Congrats -- hope your book really takes off!

Damselfly said...

How funny! My trip to the bookstore to photograph me and my book wasn't nearly as eventful! Congrats -- hope your book really takes off!

Anonymous said...


Yippeee! I get to shop at Amazon tonight :-)!

Colleen Coble said...

TREASURE that man, Julie! I've got one just like him, and he's an invaluable asset!!!

He did everything exactly right. LOL