Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One off, two to go

Dropped Teen Son off at school today. To say he was reluctant to go would be the understatement of 2007, but I promised to pray for him. In a world filled with empty words, how awesome to be able to say something like that, mean it, and know it'll help.

Speaking of positive intentions, right after dropping Teen Son off at school, I popped into our local college's registration office and signed hub and myself up for a spinning class. All I can say is: the. fat. must. go. Can I get an amen?

Girls are still home from school this week. Yay for them, not so yay for my next book's progress. In a way, though, it's nice to take a vacation from all this vacation. Know what I mean?

On the Chocolate Beach front, my first novel's release is less than a month away. My website is undergoing surgery; it's currently in Kelli Standish's capable hands, and I'll be announcing plans for a launch reception, and a California coast book tour soon. Gack. Better get crackin' :)



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Julie!
I got my monthly "backorder" notice from CBD about Chocolate Beach today:-) Not long now!

Kelli is making my website, too -- mine's a few months down the road. She does awesome work, I can't wait for your unveiling.

Trish Ryan said...

That's awesome that you pray for your son - you're right, it's great to be able to do something tangible when people you love are struggling :)

you must be sooo excited about the book! Keep us posted as the day nears!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for your book. I honestly think about it whenever I pick up "David Cooperfield" & wish for something to read that I can actually understand.

Julie Carobini said...

So are you saying I'm simple, Sarakastic? LOL

Unknown said...

About spinning class: I used to take a class at the YMCA and could barely walk afterwards! That teeny, tiny, microscopic, itsy-bitsy (you get the idea) seat they have you sit on was no match for my tush! :) I decided to stick with step aerobics! I hope you have better luck!

About your book: I haven't had a chance to pre-order it yet, but it's on my Outlook calendar as a reminder! I promise to get to it soon!

Happy New Year!

Julie Carobini said...

Katie & Trish--Your books are almost here too! Can't wait to read more :) And Virginia, I bought my hub some cool padded shorts for class, but none for me. I think I'm in trouble. LOL

Chaos-Jamie said...

I'd second guess that spin class. Not. My. Thing.

I'd rather give up chocolate. No kidding. Torture.