Friday, January 19, 2007

Chick Lit Musical and other randomness

Thanks to all who've emailed me with promises to look for Chocolate Beach in your local stores. You rock! Just minutes ago, I heard from a friend that CB had made it to Texas. Yee-haw :-)

Did y'all see Scrubs last night? Hilarious. Virtually the entire show was done in song, and made me think about all the live shows my dad took me to when I was a teen: Chorus Line, Cats, Le Miserables, etc. Hubby and I've gone to a bunch ourselves: Annie, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty & the Beast...

So I was thinking, how about a Chick-lit musical? I want to write one! Only I'm not a song writer, nor do I sing or play an instrument. Hmm...could be trouble.

It's Friday, and I'm all out of usable brain cells (obviously). So I leave you with a charge to enjoy your weekend. Go to the beach or a mountaintop. Do something special. I'll see you Monday (and keep those emails comin'!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, I've been reading your blog from time to time for awhile... and what book did I discover at Family Christian Store last Sat.??? I just had to get Chocolate Beach and I look forward to reading it soon. :)Congratulations on the release of your 1st novel! :)
May the Lord bless you with many more books to bring Him glory, Brenda

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks so much Brenda! I hope you enjoy it!

Unknown said...

Oh no! I wanted to be the one to give you the news from Texas! :( Oh well--welcome to the Lone Star State! :)