Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In pursuit of lightness

Recently an interviewer asked me what I liked least about writing. My answer? The extra poundage I've been gaining from all this sittin' around :) (Although I guess the two brownies I ate for dessert last night might also play a role.)

Back in the day, I ran about 20 miles a week. These days, if my knee's hangin' in there, I'll do about 4. Maybe. So, as some of you know, I took up spinning a few weeks ago. I feel thinner! I feel shapely! I feel EXHAUSTED!

Anybody relate?

Will it get better?

Bri, the heroine of Chocolate Beach, doesn't 'get' spinning. Calls it a mouse-on-a-treadmill track course. Fortunately I've got a great teach who keeps me entertained as my muscles scream out for mercy. When the electricity blew during yesterday's class, and we could no longer listen to heart-pumpin' music, she sang to us. Now that's commitment!

As energy-zapping as it can be at first, I'm planning to tough out my semester-long spin class. Either that or give up writing. Or brownies. Nah...


Dan Navarro said...

Have you heard of Johnny Hart? He's the cartoonist who draws the comic strip "B.C.," about a bunch of cavemen in prehistoric times.

Prehistoric, maybe, but there's an abundance of Christian message in his strip. Often -- around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Palm Sunday, Hart's cavemen will offer up a paean to the Lord.

Last Christmas Day, B.C. had a strip with one of his characters reciting this limerick:

"When Mary had a little lamb
Poor Joseph was shocked and awed
His only option,
it seemed, was adoption!
So Joseph adopted the Lamb of God."

The Los Angeles Times has often refused to run Johnny Hart's B.C. strips when they convey overt Christian messages. But Johnny keeps churning 'em out.

Johnny Hart and his wife Bobby are both Sunday School teachers at their Presbyterian church in rural New York state.

Dan N.

Camy Tang said...

I heard spinning was wicked hard. As in, "My butt has become a mass of excruciating pain." But it sounds like a good workout for people like me with bad knees.

Julie Carobini said...

Cool story, Dan N :-) Gracias!

And Camy, when spinning, wear a knee brace (like I do) and you're good to go!