Thursday, August 03, 2006

Music to my ears

Hey, Bethany House just posted more info about Chocolate Beach. You can read it here. Although it's not mentioned in the blurb, my novel contains a bunch of Country music references.

Speaking of Country music (nice segue, huh), we just got back at 1:30 this morning from a little ol' trip to see Carrie Underwood at the California Mid-State Fair. No time for a long stay, so we just made the 2.5-ish hour drive each way in one afternoon-evening. I have to say, for a chick-a-dee that young, who's only been entertaining large crowds for maybe a year, Carrie really shined. Even sang some Guns 'N' Roses tunes, if you can believe that. Thankfully, she also sang Jesus, Take the Wheel.

Did I mention that Phil Vassar was there too? Phil started the show and rocked the place for an hour! (Just Another Day in Paradise, Last Day of My Life). Awesome talent and performer, that one. My kids and I took a bunch of pics with our camera phones, but I can't figure out how to post them here. (I'll try, try, try...) On a side note, my 7-year old girlie screamed and hollered like a teen and looked so cute waving my lighted cell phone in the air like a seasoned concert goer. (I had to cover her ears, though, when Phil sang what's become known as The Hot Tub Song :-)

What concerts are on your list this summer, "y'all"?


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, concerts...I don't think I've been to a concert, I can't think of the last one I went to so that's really scary. I would have liked to have seen Carrie Underwood--I LOVE that Jesus Take the Wheel song! It makes me cry every time! She's got a set of pipes, doesn't she? Whew! I haven't heard any of her other songs, but I'd like to hear her album.


MD Kohake said...

Let's see...this summer I have seen Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Kelly Clarkson, LoCash Cowboys, and have plans to attend a Christian Festival at the beginning of September. Concerts ROCK!

Vintage Wine said...

I`ve been to a kind of concert - it`s called Allsång på Skansen. They got artists who perform their songs but they also got some community singing when the artists and the audience sing together... It`s over 20 000 people in the audience & the atmosphere is amazing :-)And all of this is showed on Swedish television.

Robin said...

1) Yaeee on Chocolate Beach updates!!

2) Have you tried text-emailing your photos to your home email then saving the pictures to a pic folder?

3) You sounded really cute saying "y'all" :).

4) No concerts for us this summer, just eleventyseven (GREAT punk Christian band, think Relient K even Simple Plan if you like their stuff) pre-summer venue.

Julie Carobini said...

Alison, Carrie's CD is fabulous! And LoCash Cowboys, Mindi? Sounds like broke cowboys to me...then again, that sounded too much like--oh, nevermind, lol!

Thanks Vint, for the Sound of Music Moment :-) And Robin, um, yes I've tried the whole text-email thingie but haven't figured it out yet. Actually, I think I'm too impatient...:-0

Geekwif said...

No concerts on my schedule this summer. I rarely get to concerts anymore. Sounds like you had fun though!

Anonymous said...

HAven't been to a concert in SO long, but Carrie sounds good, doesn't she? Congrats on your book!