Sunday, August 06, 2006

I love blogging theme

I love blogging because it's a way to laugh at myself

It's a way to give other writers a little plug here and here

It's a way to dream out loud

It's a way to laugh with a friend

It's a way to cherish a moment

What about you?

If you get the chance today, stop on by the blogging chicks to see what they all love about the blogworld too..


Pamela said...

You must have gotten added in late.... I'm sure you weren't there this morning when I checked.

Now I have to go read your links -- so I know what your laughing about and cherising and dreaming....

Julie Carobini said...

You got it, Pamela--I was late. (shame, shame). Michele's the greatest for adding me, though. Thanks for reading the links!

Robin said...

Julie, I like the way you pointed out what has to be some of your favorite older posts. Can't read them at the moment (family time), but wanted you to know this was a great idea to share some history with your newer blogpals :). More as time permits (doggone balancing act...................!)

Reverberate58 said...

Wonderful reasons for blogging. It was fun to travel back with you and see your postings. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Sunday!

Karmyn R said...

Okay - that is one thing I HATE about blogging - not having enough time to peruse through great writers old posts -

Changed by His Love said...

Nice to meet you! It was great reading your older posts and how much you love blogging!
Also, congrats on the book! I am a writer too (never published). I would love to pick your brain about your book.
My email is karen at chater dot net (replace at and dot)