Monday, August 21, 2006

Get noticed!

Just for fun (it is Monday, after all), check out Ron Estrada's Top 10 Ways to Get Noticed by an Editor

On another note, Cara Putman tells the story of a man stuck in vat of chocolate for two hours. Some people have all the luck.

Speaking of my favorite legume, on Saturday at the big boxing event, my brother's date, Ivy, and I discussed the merits of chocolate in its various forms. Of course, my brother had his own opinions. So my question to you is this: If you had to be stuck in a vat of chocolate for any length of time, which would you prefer--dark or milk? I really wanna know!



Damselfly said...

Ooh, dark chocolate for sure.

I heard about that person trapped in the chocolate vat -- right after I saw the news about the supposed Virgin Mary formed out of chocolate dripping at another chocolate factory.

Robin said...

Ok...this is my SECOND attempt because the screen "froze" last time (grrrr!).

Dark chocolate, if there's someone around photographing my "misery"; if I have to eat my way out, milk (I can't handle "rich" for very long). I wanna be the girl on the flip-flop on the cover of your book! She can dip a finger in whenever she needs a "fix".

Julie, I'm also tagging you for the book meme that's going around. I'd love to see what an up-and-coming new author lists as her favs :).

(visit me for the details)

Geekwif said...

Love the top 10!

Personally, being stuck in a vat of chocolate would probably make me sick. I can't stand the stuff. But give me a vat of cheese and I'd be happy as a clam!

Robin said...

Hey...I'm still "on", so I just got your LOL comment :).

As I "told" you over at PENSIEVE, it took me a WEEK to get to it...I just didn't wanna narrow down the choices (ask my husband...he KNOWS I can never decide...).

With much love and affection,

The Brat ;)

Anonymous said...

Milk chocolate--it's a little lighter so I could eat more. ;)


Cara Putman said...

Believe it or not, I'm really not a chocolate fan. Don't shoot me. Although writing friends here in Indiana have introduced me to DeBrands truffles -- those I could eat. Ohhhh, and brownies and chocolate cake and jamocha milkshakes and a mocha frappucino. All right, so I like chocolate -- just not as candy. But the cover of your book looks like that vat of chocolate :-)

Thanks for the link, Julie.

Another Chance Ranch said...

I agree with Cara. I am not that big of a chocolate fan. Don't tell anyone, but I like the brownie dough instead of the brownies. :) And that is something that I rarely do. Usually my Mom makes them and if I am there, which I'm not very often, I get to lick the bowl. YUM!! But if I had to decide (I am alot like Robin here, don't do decisions well!) I would say Dark, just because it is healthier. LOL Would I really have to eat it?

Julie Carobini said...

Okay Cara and Julie, We can still be friends (Geekwif? Not sure what to do about you ...;-)

And this is a shameless plug, but you just gotta know that BROWNIES play quite the role in Chocolate Beach. Actually, Cara was one of my pre-readers, so she knows that already, but just to let you know Julie BROWNIE BATTER is also featured significantly (O but wait, you said not to tell anyone...:-)