Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Love can build a bridge

Saw WYNONNA at the fair last night. She strolled onto stage with little fanfare, but as soon as the crowd spotted her, it was over. The place roared, I tell you. She belted out song after song--and they weren't all Country. She sang some Foreigner too (and some from another group, one that must've been before my time because my hub was singing along and he's, uh, *older* than me :-)

For her encore, Wynonna and her two backup singers sang an acapella version of How Great Thou Art that ROCKED the place. More hootin' during that than just about anything else she sang. Then she pointed toward the sky and said something like, "I'm only 'one' to the world, but to the 'One', I'm the world." Probably an old saying, but I hadn't heard it until last night, and don't you just love it? Charlie Daniels Band and Brad Paisley have also sung hymns at their recent concerts.

I think this is why I've been drawn to Country music over the years. The world's always leaving Christians out of the party (public schools, for instance), and frankly, we Christians have a way of leaving the world out of our party too (you're inviting him to church?). Sitting last night in that big open pit of a Grandstand, the beer sloshing around us, I couldn't helping thing that at times we're all a bunch of lost people, really--judgmental, arrogant, unkind. How beautiful that in the midst of what we are, a singer can stop the show with a song that shines a spotlight on the One who cares about us anyway.


Vintage Wine said...

How beautiful!
I wish I could experience something like that sometime.

Robin said...

Hey Julie, I'm s l o w l y making that turn after truly...truly recognizing that apart from Christ, I don't stand a chance! How DARE I point a finger at anyone else? Goodness, three are pointing back at ME! I believe I'm capable of anything given the right circumstances :/. When I look at the people with whom Jesus spent time, I certainly don't see perfection...quite the opposite. He was routinely frustrated with the religious elite, but gracious and forgiving to those who didn't have a clue.

You know, I wonder if there were people who identify themselves as Christians at the concert, who were offended she would sing that. I think it's lovely, and any time the name of Christ is elevated, He is glorified:). Who can argue with that?

Oooo, wanted to tell you--someone googled your name and picked up a post of mine you had commented to! Wild, huh? (Of course, there were a bunch of other Julie Carobini sites listed above mine, I just followed the link on my hit counter and saw it).

Anonymous said...

you got to see her!? she's one of my faves. (and that was BEFORE reading this!)