Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To the Lake

It's been muggy along the coast here in California lately. So sticky that by mid day I'm ready to sit and do nothing but sip a tall iced tea & lemonade. Sometimes the winds whip around way too much but today? A little breeze would be nice.

Had this scathing post to share with you all today, but I cooled down and didn't post it after all. I was inspired by this funny, sad, outrageous post over at Holymama! a while back, and thought I'd share a gripe of my own.

Anyway, I was so peeved that instead of posting my missle I sent it to the Sales & Marketing VP of the company that had done me wrong. THAT worked! I think. Anyhoo, I received a couple of calls after that and a promise (with a tracking number, thank you very much) that a refund check would be overnighted to me. If it doesn't come, you can bet I'll be posting a play by play of the whole thing.

Btw, the anger I felt over being ripped off fueled a writing streak this morning as well. All is not lost!

I'm off to a lake retreat (and yes, there is a 'beach' there!), so see ya when I get back.

1 comment:

Chaos-Jamie said...

You are gonna have to share. I can't stand it.

BTW, been very nervous to go to Target ever since Holymama's post.