Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Get it Write

We're back!

As beautiful as Lake Arrowhead was, there's nothin' like the beach, people! Last night Dan and I sat on a wall watching boogie boarders ride the waves and young builders create structures of driftwood. Despite the fog and muggy air, it's good to be near the ocean again!

WANT TO WRITE A BOOK? I thought I'd give a little plug today for the Fall Mentoring Clinic at Mt. Hermon. Check it out here. Last year I attended the spring conference and participated in the mentor clinic there. It's a harrowing few days of placing your work-in-progress (WIP to those in the know) and allowing them to publicly ridicule it (as opposed to publicly ridiculing you).

Much more stressful going into the process than coming out of it. In fact, my mentor group, led by Randy Ingermanson, helped me figure out where to go next with my WIP. I left the conference with a ton of notes and hope, and thankfully, sold Chocolate Beach to Bethany House soon after.

If you're up for the "abuse", why not give them a try?

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Chaos-Jamie said...

oh, the humiliation. I'm nervous about my paid critique at ACFW!