Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday: Beachside Noshing

You know, I've never done a meme in my life. Haha--that sounded kind of funny. Anyway. I got this idea from Holymama! who got it from Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer. With summer oh-so-close, I thought I'd give it a go.

I'm a beach girl. Flip flops on the porch. Sunblock in every drawer. You get the picture. So here are some of my ideas for easy picnics by the sea:

1. As the name suggests, 'sand'wiches go crunch at the beach. Don't pack them.

2. Pack fruit, but not the kind you have to peel, slice, pit or otherwise mess with while there. Instead, bring cut up melon, strawberries, apple slices (with lemon juice on them to keep the brown away!) or grapes (cut in half if kiddos are small.) Carry them in a Rubbermaid-ish type container. Include some ice in a baggie to keep fruit cold.

3. Mini-burritos! Smear beans on a tortilla. Roll up, cut in half and wrap each mini-burrito in foil. Ole!

4. Other protein boosts: cheese chunks, peanut butter crackers, jerky.

5. Doritos. (I just like them).

6. Forget sugary drinks or dehydrating diet 'pop' (for my back East readers :-) There's nothin' like ice cold water on a hot beach (unless there's no bathroom nearby. Bummer).

7. Thinking of bringing a plastic grocery bag for your trash? Don't. When rustling in the wind, those bags sound like they're calling out, "Here birdy, birdy." Think: seagull infestation. Picnics and bird poop do not make for happy lunching...unless you're, uh, a bird.

After lunch, baste self with sunblock, and turn over every 1/2 hour or so. Can't ya just hear the waves?


Gabriela said...

Well, now I wish I were at the beach and I'm hungry!! :)

Carol said...

What about dang quesadillas? Will they work in lieu of sandwiches? Not that I live anywhere near a beach or have plans to visit one in the near future, but I'm a-hearin' them waves!

Nettie said...

Great ideas. We go to the beach so infrequently that I am at a total loss as to how to do it when we do. What do you put your garbage in instead?

Camy Tang said...

Oooh, bean burritos is a great idea for beach food! We used to always bring rice balls wrapped in seaweed, sometimes with fried SPAM, or fried hot dogs. (This is Hawaii, remember--everybody eats SPAM)


Mom2fur said...

Water really is yummy at the beach, and if you bring it frozen it keeps everything else cold--but will melt for you to drink it, too!

Julie Carobini said...

I'm lovin' these comments. Thanks all for stopping in. I'll be adding quesadillas, spam, frozen water and rice balls to the list--hahaha.

Anonymous said...

whoah, number 7 is a tip of the genius level. this landlocked girl never knew that!