Friday, May 19, 2006

Sandy Dollar

Found this while beachcombing today. The tide was out leaving behind leftovers from the ocean's tumult: dried out crab shells, separated bivalves, driftwood, and this, an intact sand dollar. I brought it home for my youngest who often appeases her mama's love for the sea by joining me as I sift the sand for treasures such as this.

Have a beachy keen weekend :-) See ya Monday.


Diane Viere said...

I love beach treasures! Not having many ocean beaches in Minnesota.....I am thankful for your post! :) Diane

Camy Tang said...

That's so pretty! Wow!

Pam said...

Found you via your comment at momrn2's place.

I loved your name, so I came to check you out. Looking forward to that book of yours and enjoying the beach right along with you.

We live near the beach, too, and searching for treasures is one of my absolute favorite past times.

Anonymous said...

what a find!

my mom shares your passion, but she picks up beach glass, in blue and green only. quite the collection.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I love sand dollars. My sister lives near a beach in Florida that has hundreds sometimes. Just the right time. And I don't know when that time is, but I hit it once. What fun!