Monday, May 22, 2006

Latte 101

It's Monday and we've got water!

Because of so many disasters in our world last year, we stocked up on drinking water. I'd forgotten that until yesterday morning when we woke up to NO running water. Actually, I would've forgotten about it completely until my husband asked if I'd picked up coffee after dropping our son at church (see yesterday's post).

Hub: Didn't you pick up coffee?
Me: Starbucks is closed. NO water.
Hub: Wha????
Me: Yeah, NO water, NO coffee.
Hub: Hey, didn't you get an emergency supply of water last year???
Me: Um, yea. I think it's in the garage somewhere.
Hub: NO coffee. Sounds like an emergency to me.

Like the spa bath from yesterday--and yes the entire family ended up taking one so as not to offend those sitting in the pew behind us (oooh, bad pun)--another crisis was averted.

Enough of this frivolity :-) It's "Writing Monday" in my little home office. The coffee's flowing, so I'd better get to it.


Chaos-Jamie said...

LOL! No coffee IS an emergency in this part of the world.

Dan Navarro said...

Not as big a catastrophe as Katrina, for sure; but no coffee is DEFINITELY an emergency!

Glad you're back up and running (water) again.

Dan N.