Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wake up, sleepy head

Remember that movie Awakenings from the 90s about a group of folks who suddenly snap out of their catatonic state? Couldn’t help thinking about that odd little film this past weekend when people from all over emerged from their cocoons to descend upon The Beach.

Here along the California coast we’ve had more than our share of fog and drizzle over the last few months. Can anyone say yuk? I’m all for the sleepy beach town feel, but hey, even I was starting to wither from the May Grey, as the weather’s been called. But—yippee!—So. Cal. snapped out of the haze this past holiday weekend, blanketing us with heat and a warm, rippling wind.

Rode my bike down to the beach and just watched the parade. Teens dragging surfboards toward the shore, guys in board shorts holding hands with chicks in aloha wraps, older folk sipping frothy coffee drinks while taking in the sun and waves. Ahh—heaven. Early though it may be, summer has come. The sun has blasted apart those dense clouds and for the first time in months, I’m feeling more awake then ever.


Chaos-Jamie said...

I think your grey skies just flew over to Kansas. It has rained every evening this week. We don't do that here. Where are we, Florida?

Julie Carobini said...

Sowwy, Jamie :-)