Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday's signing

Saturday's book signing at the Lifeway store in Brea was a hoot. In addition to meeting some new readers (woo!), and hanging out with author Mike Yorkey, my old high school friend Sylvia and her husband, Dean, stopped by to see me. Dean played basketball for UCLA, which explains why he had to bend down to be in the pic :) Hadn't seen Sylvia in, hm, something like 20 years, but we reacquainted on Facebook! I also got to meet their very beautiful, soccer-player daughter.

Amy, of MyfriendAmysblog, also stopped by wearing her Sparks Will Fly tee-shirt (don't ask why I look so scared ... think I was giving instructions to the picture-taker ;) Anyway, while Amy and I were chatting, Rebecca LuElla (aka Becky) Miller of A Christian Worldview of Fiction arrived and the two got to meet in person. Love that!

A shout out to the staff at Lifeway for taking good care of us as we took over their store for a couple of hours on Saturday morning. Thanks're the best!


Michelle V said...

How fun!! =)

Brittanie said...

I am so jealous. :)

Amy said...

I had much fun seeing you again, Julie, thanks for the chocolate!