Tuesday, December 05, 2006

livin' the dream

Ever been awakened from a fabulous dream? The kind where you're swinging in a hammock on some tropical beach. Sun's overhead, but not too hot. Wind's on your face, but not too cold. Everything's just so, then your neighbor's dog barks like a rooster at 4 am, yanking you straight out of paradise?

Yeah, me too.

Spent the past week with my head buried in Gaby's story. Gaby's the heroine of my second novel. I love Gaby. I want to tell the world about Gaby. But the marketing end of novel writing has pulled me away for a few days. Chocolate Beach is nearly here (someone give me an Amen!), and I've got to do my part to make sure its presence doesn't recede like a fast-moving tide.

Kristin Billerbeck talks about the passion of writing--this "high like no other"--on her site today. Compared to other aspects, such as editing and marketing, she says she never wants to take it for granted. And over at Brandilyn Collins' site today, fiction and truth collide in a hilarious way. Gotta be some way to market that!


Unknown said...

I know what you mean. I feel like I live two, no make that 3 separate realities. There's Gina the nurse who has to be one hundred percent focused on that and then I get home and that hat comes off immediately and I'm immersed in the writing world and then of course motherhood. My boys care nothing about either of those hats, they just want to know what's for dinner and when can we go to the science museum and read a story together.

Anonymous said...

I give you an amen. Congratulations on the success of your work.


Shirley Buxton

Geekwif said...

Ugg. I hate marketing. I found out I stink at it when I tried to start up a web design business. It failed before it even got started.

Good for you that you have the talent for both the creative and marketing sides. Here's to your book just flying off the shelves come February!