Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Late Nights and Dinnertime

Found the secret to chaos-free Christmas shopping. Um, other than shopping early and/or buy by Internet, that is. Anyway. Hub and I hit the mall last weekend at 8 pm, and wham!, five gifts bought in under an hour. We took a celebratory chocolate cake break at Macaroni Grill to mark the occasion.

Then last night, Teen Son and I hit one store at dinnertime. Yeah, it was still busy, but not overly so. Bunches of gifts bought in about an hour. Celebrated with a couple of pizzas.

On another note, welcome to the 'beta' version of my blog. Sorry if you have trouble posting comments--that's still a problem with old blogger vs. new blogger accounts. But I'm having a makeover and my web designer told me that I'd eventually be made to switch anyway. So I decided to go willingly now. Watch for the new "me" in the coming year :-)


Unknown said...

Welcome to the Dark Side of blogging! :) I especially like the Labels feature...very handy! :)

Sharon Hinck said...

Hey, dear end-cap buddy. Check out my blog today...and watch your porch steps for a delivery from UPS soon. I'm guessing the printing schedule has our books at very close to the same times. :-)

Julie Carobini said...

Yeah, Virginia, you're right--the labels feature is much easier this way. Let me know if you find any other neat tricks this thing can do :-) And Sharon! Wow-ee! What a great Christmas present! If my copies show up here before Christmas, I just might eat them :-)

Vintage Wine said...

Welcome to the beta blogging society :-)