Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Celebrities who look like me :-)

Found this on Robin Lee Hatcher's site. Too fun not to share, but what's up with that Debbie Harry comparison? I. don't. think. so.

And check this out, a younger Christie Brinkley and I apparently share features. I'm good with that :-)

p.s. If you try this at home, let me know how you fare. I had to shrink to fit. Kinda like when I try on jeans...


Unknown said...

I can see the Christie Brinkley and the Sara Evans! :) Stop by and see what you think of mine! :)

Anonymous said...

You are totally Sara Evans if Sara Evans had a better tan! I didn't post mine because I came up as "tea leoni, arthea franklin, adam sandler, kelly clarkson". I've never felt more like a freak

Diane Viere said...

My vote is: Sara Evans. Don't see the Debbie Harry thing! She looks too tired....too old....too--not like you!


Merry Christmas!


Julie Carobini said...

Thanks Diane!!! You're my new bff :-)

Anonymous said...

you got all pretty people!! of COURSE. i think i did it and got ugly MEN. not a confidence booster.

i do see the sara evans thing.

did you watch d with the stars? she was on there.