Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kinda like The Wedding Singer

At the risk of dating myself, I got a kick from this crazy fad site, where I found all kinds of fun stuff from my childhood. Remember break dancing and Rubik's cube (the champ was in my chemistry class--no joke!) and jelly shoes? Yeah, me too. Thank the good Lord I was too level headed for a mullet (pun intended :-0)

What takes you back?


Anonymous said...

It`s funny how the silliest things can bring you back to a happy memory :-) Yesterday, when I walked through one of the cafeterias at the University, it suddenly I was five-six years old again ;-) It smelt exactly like it did in kindergarten & I had to stop for a moment and think back on those happy days when school was more of a social thing than educational!
I think it was the combination of the smell & the pile of books I was caring (there`s too much on my plate right now) that made me think of it... :-)

Enjoy the weekend!

Trish Ryan said...

All the effort I expended trying to forget my fashion choices from the 80's (if one necklace is good, FIVE must be better!) and now they're back in all their bedazzled glory. My mother said this might happen... :)

Geekwif said...

Oh yes, I remember the 80s well. Friendship bracelets were one of my favorites. I would always have at least one on my wrist and usually one pinned onto the leg of my jeans that I was working on at the moment.

There are certainly some things I'd prefer to forget though, like mullets and parachute pants and the big hair.

BTW, in answer to your question a while back (you asked about the pictures on my blog) Photoshop and I are best buds. :)