Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall into Reading

I'm back in this lovely old library with its creaky floors and high ceilings. I could stay here all day; I really could. Makes me want to tear down our house near the California coast and put up something that at least looks old and charming and full of books (but, you know, with a new kitchen and all--lol)

Just noticed that Amazon posted my cover. Exciting stuff. Now when all my fans--all of them!--visit Amazon, they'll see Chocolate Beach's cool cover instead of that annoying "no image available" notice. Yay!

I'm learning that although it starts with the writing, there's much more to actually getting the book out on shelves--or onto cyberspace bookstore sites. That beautiful cover will hopefully catch eyes (one reader told me she'd want to pick it up and take a bite out of it!) Then there's the editing being done, and the marketing and advertising stuff--lots of folks behind one book. Makes me want to switch off this computer and dig into some of the many, many volumes surrounding me in "this old house."

Here I go...


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The cover is wicked awesome. It is so good that I have to dig up phrases like "wicked awesome" to describe it adequately.

Trish Ryan said...

I think I said this before, but I want to be that girl on the flip flop!