Friday, October 06, 2006

"A good story is life with the dull parts taken out."

Alfred Hitchcock said that, and it's posted in my office. Alas, the story is that I spent most of today (and yesterday) doing the marketing thang for Chocolate Beach. Had no idea how time-consuming "getting the word out" could be--seriously! (And the book won't be out until February!)

Not that I'm complaining, though. No way. I'm livin' my dream, writing novels set in pretty locales, and lovin' it. Still, today tired me out. So this afternoon, Elementary Girl, Elementary Friend, and I hit the beach. Think blue sky with cottony patches of white mixed in like a dollop of cream. Picture wind rippled water and daring kayakers. All else paled in the shadow of this afternoon's God-invented surroundings. After an hour or so of making softballs from wet sand, and listening to the cry of seagulls as they discovered the arrival of dinnertime, the week's craziness melted away, taking the tightness of stress with it. So today had its dull, monotonous moments? The contrast of time spent away from the office made it all worthwhile.

Have a beachy weekend!

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Chaos-Jamie said...

I don't know, some of the dullest moments are the best fiction fodder. I mean, I cleaned up puke on "Damascus Road" yeasterday. Really. What are the odds? And I saw a sign for Pig Trail Harley Davidson (can you imagine that printed on the back of your Harley shirt?). I guarantee that I was bored stiff.

Though I also got quite a case of giggles.