Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Crazy day in the Carobini household. Two graduates in one week, plus we're hosting "Ditch Day" for our daughter's class. Hubby thinks it's just so wrong to let kids have a ditch day, but what can I say? Mama's a pushover. (And frankly, he's really an old softy...)

ANYWAY, I just got to take a peek at the cover for CHOCOLATE BEACH. Yay! The designer over at Bethany House came up with a very cool idea, and I'd love to get your reaction. I'll try to post it in between festivities...probably late tonight.

Hope you'll stop by!


Sharon Hinck said...

I can't wait to see your cover!

I remember the feeling well. It began to feel REAL.

Hey, I'm waiting for you to reveal WHICH of Becky Miller's friends you are. I had a BUNCH of folks do the quiz...they just didn't know how to post because they don't have blogger accounts. You've gotta count those. You've just gotta!

Geekwif said...

Oooh! How exciting! I look forward to seeing it. Of course, I look forward even more to reading it, but I guess that'll be a while yet.

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks for the sweet comments gals. Having some trouble with blogger tonight (sigh), but I'll try again soon.

And if you will, say a prayer for me, as I'll be hosting a bunch of 6th graders for the day tomorrow

:-0 :-) :-0 :-) :-) :-0 :-) :-0

Chaos-Jamie said...

You are still in school???? And I thought we went long because of snow days!