Friday, June 16, 2006

I Am...

Okay, so I couldn't stand Sharon Hinck's pathetic begging anymore (see comments
from June 15), and finally decided to tell you which Becky Miller friend I (supposedly :-) resemble most from Sharon's highly-scientific quiz:

High tech, high powered, successful. You always rise to the top in any situation. You’ve got your life under control, so it’s sometimes tough to lean on God, but you’re willing to ask Him the hard questions.

I'm thinking that yes, I do have control issues. Not so sure about the high-tech, high powered thing though, LOL.


Camy Tang said...

Ha! You're like me. I'm also Doreen. I'm not high-powered, but I'm definitely finicky and dependent on take out. I'm also a terrible control freak.


Sharon Hinck said...

Hee hee!
Thanks, Julie!
You know, Doreen seems a bit polished and hard-edged at first glance in the story, but she's the friend that really comes through for Becky when it counts. (Ooops, I shouldn't give away too much of the book). Anyway, I'm still waiting for someone to admit they are a SALLY character. LOL!