Friday, November 05, 2010

Shore Friday

I took this photo at a viewing spot along the central coast. This is a bit north of the area that inspired the Otter Bay Novels, but oh, so similar. Breathtaking landscape with dramatic peaks, rocky tidepools,and azure waters all mark this stretch of the coast. This is one reason why Callie Duflay from A Shore Thing fought so hard to keep the town's beloved piece of oceanfront property from being developed! Who knew the architect on the job would be so charming ... ? :)

It's Friday, time to think about how you'll spend the weekend ahead. I'd love to go back to the spot in this picture, but since I have a date with my daughter's choir performance at an amusement park, I'll have to settle for gazing at this photo's loveliness instead. What are you doing this fine upcoming weekend?

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Sue said...

Hi Julie. Sorry it's been so long since I visited... life happened :-( I am so in love with California now that I've been to many of the coastal places between SF and SD. Can I just say how envious I am of my "California Girl" Friends.

This weekend is not exciting. Laundry & packing my Hubby up for his first of 3 business trips this month. Oh well. Enjoy your hopefully sunny weekend! We're frigid up here in Toronto :-S

Hugs xo