Monday, November 08, 2010

Lights, Camera ... Fade2Blue

B&H has released another entertaining trailer, this one for my 2011 summer release, Fade to Blue. My book trailers always have these catchy tunes that stick with me all day long. Seriously, I can hear the beat in my head even as I type this :) Thanks to Greg Pope for putting this together ~ especially love the peeks into Hearst Castle. For more info about this novel, please pop over to my updated Books Page.

Enjoy the *show*, and have a beachy Monday, my friends ... wherever you are!


Sue said...

Okay... sold me! I'm in! When is the release date?? :-)

You have quickly become one of my must-read authors you know! Keep on writing and I'll keep on buying Julie!!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks so much, Sue. Glad to see you back, btw :) The release date for Fade to Blue is May 15, 2011. I hope you'll love this heroine and her story as much as I do.

Denise Harmer said...

Love it! Looking forward to getting this one when it comes out. :)