Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Sur, I heart you

Took this photo from the library of the Ventana Inn Big Sur. Hubby and I honeymooned there twenty years ago, so on our way down the coast last month, we had to stop. We're sitting in rocking chairs, listening to the quiet as we look out over that serene pacific ocean. I could've stayed there all day.

As it happened, we left there and became thrust into an adventure when two frantic hikers asked if we'd seen their dog. We told them we'd keep a lookout, and sure enough, about ten minutes later the cutest, silliest dog rounded the corner as we walked along a wooded path. Hubby used his belt for a leash and we brought the thirsty pup back to his grateful family. An ahhhh moment from beginning to end :)


Sue said...

So cool! And what a view!

Levonne said...

I love when the lost dog gets back home safe and sound. Congratulations on your published work!