Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday week continues with Sherry Kyle

I met author Sherry Kyle earlier this year at the Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference. She's a California girl, super sweet, and a graduate of BIOLA University (my son's school), so how could we not hit it off? :) Since then, Sherry and I have run into each other at two more writing events, and at the last one, I picked up a copy of her new book, The Christian Girls Guide to Style. I'm excited(!!!) to have Sherry here on my cyber-beach blanket today to tell you about this unique and F-U-N book for girls.

Sherry, why did you write The Christian Girls Guide to Style?

The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style is one of a series of books from Legacy Press. I had purchased a couple of the other Girl’s Guide books for my daughters and they loved them. All the books have fun quizzes, crafts, and stories that point 8-12 year old girls toward who they are in Christ. As a writer and mom, I wanted to write a book about a topic that I not only enjoyed talking about, but also saw a need in the children’s market—learning how to be stylish inside and out! In today’s culture, girls are bombarded with what the world sees as important in the area of fashion and beauty from secular magazines, television and movies. The world teaches them that their outward appearance is all that matters. YIKES! What a wrong message. Considering ways to offer girls a strong, positive message, I searched my Bible and came across Colossians 3: 12-17. I used these verses as the foundation for the book.

Who is your audience?

The Christian Girl's Guide to Style is geared for girls ages 8-12.

Your book has been out a short time. What kind of feedback have you been getting so far?

I'm thrilled at the response I've received so far. Here are some of them from e-mails and customer reviews on Amazon from moms, aunts, and grandmas:

"My granddaughter is reading your book out loud to us and loving it."

"My daughter is loving reading it - she can't put it down!"

"In a world where so many girls struggle with being the person they were created to be, "The Christian Girl's Guide to Style" emphasizes creativity, confidence and character."

"This is a well written book for girls. There are a lot of fun activities, great advice, and a cute coin purse attached to it. I enjoyed reading a wholesome interesting book that will build girls up. I am buying one for each of my nieces. I think they'll love it!

That's GREAT feedback, Sherry. Okay, here's a totally unrelated question (maybe I'm hungry?): What's your favorite dessert?

Hmm. Favorite dessert. Anything with chocolate! Seriously, I need a bite of chocolate every day, however, each year for my birthday I have to have a slice of carrot cake. BTW, Erik's Deli makes the best carrot cake!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Sherry. Such a great gift for girls this season...thanks so much for writing it!

And thanks, too, bloggity friends, for stopping by. Have a beachy day, wherever you are...


Sherry Kyle said...

Hey Julie~

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today!


Cara Putman said...

Sounds like a great book! One I'll have to check out for a tween Bible study I lead for girls.

Colleen said...

sounds like the perfect book for my 11 year old. She is always way too concerned with her outward looks.

Sherry Kyle said...

Cara, it would be exciting to know a Bible study group for tweens is reading my book!

Colleen, I combine fashion items with godly precepts so girls can have fun, be fashionable, and learn what God thinks is important.

If you want to see the first 22 pages, go to: http://www.legacypresskids.com/The-Christian-Girls-Guide-to-Style

And click on the link to take a look inside!

Martha W. Rogers said...

I need to get this book for my 11 year old granddaughter. She loves clothes, but right now isn't too concerned with her looks.