Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open for Business!

Happy Wednesday, my beach lovin' friends! Take a peek at the menu bar above this post, and you'll notice the addition of a new page on my website. See it?

For years, I've wanted to open a shop filled with beachy items much like the ones I've collected for my own home. Things I believe kindred spirits would love. So I'm excited to announce that today~9/30 and my youngest child's birthday~my beach shop on the web is now open!

On my cybershelves, you'll find everything from beach books, to sea shell frames, to beach signs, to seaside Christmas ornaments for your favorite beach lover!

We're a bitty store with great hopes for expansion, and I'll add new items regularly, so be sure to stop by often. (Heard a stat recently that the unemployment rate for teenagers is up to 18%. With two teens looking for a job, I'm hoping to bring that number down ;D )

A special shout out to Kelli Standish and Sandy Goyer of PulsePoint Design for creating my store. You gals ROCK!

You can visit the site directly at or click that button up top. Window shoppers welcome!


Sue said...

Very cool Julie. I wish you much success with your Beach Shop!

Sarah said...

Awesome! I'll go and check it out.