Monday, September 14, 2009

"Think Ahea"

I started this blog several times this morning, but I'm just too ADD today to stick with anything. Not all that unusual--staying 'on task' is super tough for me for some reason. I'm the type that often has several tabs open on my computer as well as several to-do piles half 'done'. Don't even mention all the tasks I've started around the house. Sometimes I play a game with myself. I set the oven timer for, say, 20 minutes, and dash around to see what I can get done in that time. Not 'started' or 'shuffled' but in 'surfaces so clean I can see my perplexed face in the reflection.'

I think that's why writing, which takes high-voltage concentration, literally exhausts me. Seriously, I can run a couple of miles and feel all energized, but sit on my tush and write for five hours? Just bring me a blankie and don't bother calling--that kind of mind activity knocks. me. out.

But really, it works for me. Makes life kinda interesting. Plus I understand my kids better as a couple seem to have adopted my frenetic ways. Anyone else out there care to admit that you can relate? So how do you trick yourself into getting it all done?

p.s. I spotted the title of this post on a sign in one of my kids' classrooms years ago. It 'spoke' to me, LOL


Sue said...

Oh Julie... you don't know how much your little "confession" today has brought peace to my ADD soul - lol

I like the 20 minute timer game... I think I need to try that (especially as my latest writing assignment is sitting her completely undone and it's due tomorrow!)

Edna said...

that is pretty good, the sign you saw on the school door,

Always something fun from children.