Friday, September 04, 2009

Winner of the Adirondack chair giveaway!

Dear B&H,

The perfect place for these chairs would be under this tree in our backyard. I can imagine using them this fall, wrapped in a light blanket, watching the girls play on the tire swing as the changing leaves swirl around us!

Thank you for your consideration,
Angie, Kentucky


B&H received more than 120 entries for this contest, and narrowing the field was so very tough! Thanks to all for entering. We loved your pictures, comments and stories--except for the fact that it made the job of choosing just one winner super hard ;) Special thanks also to the team at B&H and my panel of judges who fretted and considered and voted their hearts.

Congrats Angie!!!


Lori said...

What a beautiful picture, congrats to the winner!!!

Edna said...

looks almost like the one I sent in, mine was a tree with an old glider under it, but I do have a tire swing in the next tree just choose the wrong one, oh well congrats to the winner.


Edna said...

Would you please change the color of you fonts in your blog, the background is dk blue and the writting is almost the same color, I can't read it and probable more are like me. :-(


Julie Carobini said...

Hang in there, friends! My blog and website are getting refurbished and hopefully the background will be fixed soon!

Sue said...

Hi Julie... just had to pop in and tell you that I spent my summer vacation at the beach with "Bri" and your novel "Chocolate Beach" - loved it & am almost done "Truffles by the Sea". I still have to order "Sweet Waters" but my book stack is too high just yet... hopefully in a few weeks I'll get that one ordered.

Thanks so much for sharing your gift with the world! Hope you've had a beachy-keen weekend!

Carmen7351 said...

What a beautiful view! I can see why the winner won the chairs! Congrats!