Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I heart coffee

Popping in for a quick hello this morning--okay, so it's late morning already. We awoke to find the power in our house was super low--not completely out as we had dim lights--but the outlets didn't work. So we couldn't make coffee. Did you read that? No. Coffee. In a blessed twist my teen daughter's flat iron must run on super low energy because she could use it in an outlet that was dead to any other appliance. Can you imagine if she could not have?

But I digress.

So an hour or so later my unshowered self was sitting on the couch, Bible study in lap (prepping for middle school group tonite), and grousing to God about my lack of caffeine when my good friend & neighbor texts me. Are you home? I need a big favor!

I text her back, that sure, whatever she needs (and hoping it wouldn't involve being seen in public). So anyway, she needed me to run over to her mansion across the street and check on something for her (long story), which I did, much to her barking schnauzers' chagrin.

And there, sitting on her kitchen counter, I saw it. Did my eyes deceive me? A still warm pot of coffee. The angels sang a halleluia chorus (or maybe that was delirium onset from my lack of morning caffeine...) No matter. I poured myself a full mug and headed home.

God is good!


Edna said...

I love coffee also, but I like it black, no sugar or cream, have to have it every morning.


Ronel Sidney said...

God is good!!

Sue said...

He is even in the small things :-) Yay for you and your coffee fix!

And I, like your daughter, would be lost without my flatiron. Good to know it works on little power!

Dan Navarro said...

Yes, God IS good.

So is coffee.


Sharon Leaf said...

Thank u Lord, for inventing coffee! And thank you Lord, for small favors.

Pamela Hamer said...

And it didn't matter that she didn't have electricity. Cause, by golly she got her cup of Joe. The the earth tilted back on it's axis and her day went well.

Sorry I had to finish your story for ya. Loved your post. You have a way with words that's so much fun to read. Oh, and I love my coffee too. I'm drinking a cup now :)