Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday interview & more

Yahoo~it's Tuesday, which means that a three-day beach weekend is that much closer :)

We had so much fog around these central coast parts this past summer that I tended to stay covered up when strolling the beach. But that big yellow ball in the sky has been making a comeback lately, as have my shorts (ha ha). Unfortunately, my white legs (think: 'sticks of chalk') are an embarrassment to my kids, especially pre-teen girl. So anyway, "we" all can't wait for me to get out there again after this week is done (with proper sunscreen coverage, of course.)

Back to today! This morning I'll be chatting with Jill Hart, host of CWAHM blog talk radio, Live at 8:30 am pacific time. You can find us at this link.

After that, I'll be taking a peek at all those photos you sent for the B&H Adironack chair giveaway to celebrate Sweet Waters. The judges will be choosing a winner to announce soon, so stay tuned! (I'm sooo excited!)

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