Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lots to celebrate

It's birthday week in the Carobini household. Pre-teen girl's birthday is tomorrow, but she's away at outdoor education camp. Who scheduled that??? To soften the blow, I sent her a box of fun stuff to open, you know--items of distinction. Like a Zac Efron toothbrush, a tiara, spa socks, things like that. For some reason I have a knack for embarrassing her, so we'll see how much trouble I get into...

Then on Thursday, Teen Son turns 18. Did you hear me? Eight-een!!! He just registered to vote (holy cow). He'll be around in the morning, but then it's off to an overnight college campus visit for him. Should I warn him about parties in the dorms???

Friday is my hunky hubby's birthday. I always look forward to his b'day because we're officially 11 years apart on that day (haha--love you, honey). We'll be celebrating by...picking up Pre-teen girl in the evening from the camp bus ;)

You may remember that we recently celebrated my mother's birthday by taking a trip trip north. Nothing quite that elaborate this time around, but let me just say, having three b'days in a row--even though our schedule's wacky--is pretty elaborate in itself. Know what I mean?

Party on, my friends (I know we'll be ;). And have a beachy day--wherever you are!


Ronel Sidney said...

Happy Birthday All!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to all of you guys. And, um, I want a Zac Efron toothbrush. And a Camp Rock watch....have I said too much? ;)

Have a great week!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to the Carobini's! Sounds like a lot of cake happening this week ;-)

I have to tell you Julie, I finished Truffles by the Sea and LOVED it! In fact, loved it so much that in my writing course I was supposed to write a synopsis about a book I read recently that I enjoyed and all I could think of is Gaby and her story! Thanks SO much! I have a big pile to read in front of me but Sweet Waters is going to be added to the list asap!

Have a sweet week!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks, Ladies! And Sue-so glad you liked Truffles! Gaby's one of my favorites...have a soft spot for her :)