Thursday, September 10, 2009

Technical difficulties

So my big announcement...will have to wait a few more days. Yesterday being 9/9/09, I had planned to tell y'all about my latest venture, but some technical difficulties have delayed those plans a bit (thanks a lot, microsoft).

Reminds me of the wheelchair races at youth group last night. Laughed so hard I nearly...woops, almost went all TMI on you. Needless to say, watching 25 or so middle schoolers racing wheelchairs around the church patio is enough to lift even the dourest heart (not that mine was dour, mind you, but still).

The kids were racing one of our leaders who truly does use a wheelchair to get around, which turned out quite comical considering his is a souped-up version with aerodinamically set wheels. Compare that to the lumbering versions our church has on hand for those who need them, including one with a wheel so wobbly I kept having flashbacks on a recent grocery cart experience.

Which brings me back to microsoft. For all the love you've given me, you've equalled that with trouble, my friend. So I'm saving my pennies (make that quarters) for a mac. Ah, I'm picturing those shiny new wheels now...


Ronel Sidney said...

Switching to a MAC? Big step!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Yea, Julie! I think you'll be in love once you have your Mac all set up. Hope those quarters come in quickly.


lynnrush said...

MACs rule. I've used them for years. LOVE THEM! You will too.

Edna said...

I have been wondering about a Mac also, are they that much different that the one I have, and I know a lot of the software will not work on a Mac. But I've been thinking about it.


May Vanderbilt said...

YOU WILL LOVE A MAC. I switched over three years ago and there's just no going back--especially if you blog. You can do all these cool videos with iMovie.

So excited for you!