Wednesday, September 09, 2009

California Dreamin'

The sun continues to shine along the central coast and we who were stuck in the fog all summer have been taking advantage of it. In between working and the daily stuff, we've walked to the beach and biked along the park path and gone for afternoon coffee runs...ahhh--it still feels like summer. Love it.

That said, I've got edits to do soon and another book to write, not to mention another book signing for Sweet Waters next month. I received several kind emails and/or facebook postings in the past few days, and I'm GRATEFUL for those! They keep me going--they really do. One said that she loved my new book, and another said that she loves how positive my stories are, and still another thanked me for writing it.

But to them I say, no, thank YOU for taking the time to read my books! I'm in a great place these days, but life hasn't always been easy. I wrote a small post about dreams and how I struggled to do just that some years back. Jennifer AlLee will post that on her blog sometime later today, so feel free to stop by and check that out. We'll also be giving away a copy of Sweet Waters, so if you've not had a chance to pick it up, you can enter to win! Or if you can't wait (kids are back in school so, quick!, now's your chance, haha), the best price I've found is on (see below)

448730: #1: Sweet Waters: An Otter Bay Novel#1: Sweet Waters: An Otter Bay Novel

updated: Just found it on Amazon at slightly lower, and if you use a Kindle, it's even less. Hey, in this economy, every penny helps ;)

Have a beachy day, my friends~wherever you are!


Sue said...

What a beautiful picture of the beach - sigh! As I was reading your Truffles by the Sea last week, I had to go online and google map the Ventura area so I could visualize better where Gaby and Bri lived. BEAUTIFUL!! Once I looked down from the satellite in the heavens, I could see Gaby getting overcome by waves along the channel - lol

Now I'll need to pick up Sweet Waters and keep on reading. Blessings on you for sharing your gift and as you prepare for the next adventure you'll take us all on!


Dan Navarro said...

Hi Jules. You say:

"ahhh--it still feels like summer. Love it."

But just because Labor Day has passed and the kids are back in school, there's no need to wax "nostalgic" about the summer that was.

IT'S STILL SUMMER! The season lasts, officially, until the beginning of Autumn... which, this year, is September 22. Still two weeks away!

And, if memory serves, even after the autumnal equinox, the weather continues to remain warm for a while.

So, enjoy yourself in the sun and surf. The fun isn't over.


Julie Carobini said...

How fun, Sue! Gaby had a GREAT place to live, didn't she? Thanks so much for all the kind words. Hope you had a great vacation :)

Nike.Chillemi said...

I was in Ventura for 2 weeks this summer and my cousin told me about you and your books. She's seen something in the local paper. I couldn't remember your name, but I did remember "beachy books" or "beach lit." Then I found you on Twitter because you mentioned beachy books. When I came here I realized you were the author my cousin had been talking about. Small world!!!